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Dublin is the capital of Ireland located at the center of the country’s east coast. Dublin enjoys the warmth of the tourists all over the world due to its rich history in literature, art and theaters. It is also one of the world’s renowned shopping hubs. Come to Dublin for your next holiday and enjoy the beautiful country of Ireland. A really convenient way to travel around all of the best places in this city with car.Enjoy every aspect of the city from its historical places to its nightlife. The scenery along the highways are a visual treat, which offer great experiences for travelers of all ages. The beautiful open prairies outside of the city are perfect for discovering the natural environment of Ireland. Drive all around Dublin and the countryside to get the full flavor of this beautiful city and country. In short they open up the city more widely and clearly from the shopping haven of Grafton Street and the Guinness Storehouse to coastal suburbs. Public Transportation is pretty good in the city, but a Dublin car hire is your ticket to enjoying the incredible sea coast.The best places to visit in Dublin include the famous Dublin Castle, the Custom House, and the National Museum of Ireland. Come to these places and enjoy the rich history of this city and country. Dublin is a historically wealthy place and it is obviously apparent in the appearance of the buildings. Almost everywhere you look, there is a magnificent structure that reflects the prosperity and attitude of the citizens. Even the restaurants are beautifully decorated and the food is very excellent. You can order some traditional Irish cuisine or go to one of the many international places.Of course you must visit some of the famous Irish pubs on your visit to Dublin. This part of the world is best known for its whiskey and the ever popular Guinness Beer. If you have not acquired the taste for either of these flavors, you can go for the Bailey’s Irish Cream. There is something special about drinking one of these tasty choices in the home country. Go to any of the unique Irish pubs and you will certainly find the drinks of this great country. Your next holiday will be really fun if you make your way to Dublin, Ireland. Car Hire Dublin