Pregnancy – Travel Tips For Mothers-To-Be – Travel tips

For the duration of a woman’s pregnancy, you can probably assume that at least once she will be traveling somewhere. Just because you’re expecting doesn’t mean you have to stay in the house or your neighborhood. You only need to be good at planning when it comes to travel. Traveling is usually considered tolerable up about until the eight month of your term. Nevertheless, you doctor can give advice to you about travel safety. Make sure you know what is going to happen and how long your trip is going to be before making the commitment.Air TravelMake certain you get a seat near the bathrooms. Ask to upgrade to first class if you need to in order to have extra seating space. Sitting in a restricted space with no way to go to the restroom every 3 minutes can be agony, especially on a long flight.If you are worried about morning sickness on a flight that’s early, bring along a nutritious snack or ask if a meal will be served. You may find that even if they are giving you food, your tummy will reject it and you must bring a food of your own choice.Inquire whether there is a microwave on the plane, some do. Flight attendants will be able to warm up a dish in the microwave for you. Also, try to have a flight with a connecting point or layover. Normally avoided, while pregnant you have to remember how uncomfortable you are and your need to move. A stop-over will let you leave the plane, grab a snack, go to the restroom, and stretch your legs. When traveling overseas on a non-stop flight, definitely fly first class so you have more room to stretch.By AutomobileIf traveling by car, don’t be the sole driver; it’s a good idea to trade off driving with a partner so you’re less likely to get sick. Stop frequently. If you are prone to car sickness, take a Dramamine, it is generally safe for all stages of pregnancy. If it’s a long car trip, make sure you plan time in a hotel or inn to get enough rest and lots of exercise.Some women feel better as long as they’re driving but get sick as a passenger. So drive while you feel energized, and ride when it is naptime and you can sleep through the nausea. You should avoid bringing books or crossword puzzles to occupy you in the car; as a passenger, you will get sick.Pack snacks and drinks with you so you don’t need to spend as much. Restaurants are good, but you may find menus limited and can’t order anything that works for you. Pack enough to get you to your first major stop or to get you to your destination.