Travel Tips to Make the Journey and the Unpacking Easier – Travel tips

Top tips on what to do before you go on holiday to avoid problems such as unnecessary baggage fees or a heavy bag. Making use of laundry bags, luggage scales and similar will ensure you don’t have a headache at the other end, or when you are traveling!The first and most important tip when going on holiday has got be to make use of Vacuum Seal Bags – they are brilliant for traveling because they reduce bulk in your suitcase dramatically! Even if you don’t need them for the outbound journey, take them with you if you are likely to bring back a lot of extra items. A Vacuum Seal Bag will become your lifesaver on the return journey, because you’ll be able to bring back so much more than your took!What else would be useful before you leave for your holidays?If you’re traveling by plane you should think about using some Luggage Scales… fast becoming an essential item in order to avoid a surprise when you get to the airport! Make sure you get some with two hands on the scale – one for weighing and returning to the top after removing the luggage, and the other hand to stay in position to indicate the weight of the item after you have removed it from the scales. Using these means you will prevent those nasty & expensive shocks at the check-in when you find you have packed too much into your suitcase!So the next thing to think about is your luggage.Making use of Net Washing Bags to organize your clothes in the bag sounds simple, but it really will ensure a well-organized suitcase. There are so many available! You should use a Trainer Wash Bag for your shoes – to protect them and your clothes around them from getting damaged. Lingerie Wash Bags ones are ideal for any delicate items whereas Standard Net Wash Bags will suit all else. Not only are they brilliant for organizing your bag, but they are ideal for storing your dirty laundry on you return too.Ok, so packing it is bad enough, but once packed make sure you use a strong and robust Luggage Strap ideally with a Combination Lock. The last thing you need is your strap snapping!For the journey you’ll want to make it as pleasant as possible. There are ways to travel without feeling like you are traveling! We all know how uncomfortable it can be whatever your mode of transport or how long your journey, so you should consider taking these essential at the very least – an Eye Mask, Travel Socks and Fan.Not just for comfort, Travel Socks are recommended for all journeys of 2 hours or longer to help prevent DVT, swollen ankles & aching legs. When considering a Fan to take make sure it’s compact and ideally dual purpose with a torch. Many people don’t think about taking a torch but there are so many times you will wish you had one – especially when traveling somewhere you haven’t been before.So with your luggage packed and weighed you can be confident that you have stayed within the required baggage limits. With luggage straps and locks your bags will be protected. You will also have ensured a more comfortable journey with eye mask, travel socks and fan! Bon voyage!