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Summer Motorcycle Travel Tips – Travel tips

When summer comes around, avid motorcyclists plan their trips across county, state and even country lines in anticipation of the warm weather, excellent road conditions and plenty of opportunities to meet up with other riders. However, riding in the summer also has its fair share of hazards that, fortunately, can be offset by good preparation.Dress AppropriatelyMany riders wear as little clothes as possible when traveling during the summer, which is the exact opposite of what they should be doing. This is because the more skin exposed to the natural elements particularly the dry air and blazing sun, the faster you can become sunburned, dehydrated and fatigued.Instead, we suggest dressing in appropriate clothing including jackets and pants as well as gloves, scarves and sunglasses/motorcycle goggles. The combination of jackets, pants and scarves will protect your skin from the drying effects of the hot air and sun while the sunglasses or motorcycle goggles will protect your eyes from the harmful effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays.Most, if not all, veteran motorcyclists recommend hosing down your clothes including your pants with cool tap water, wearing these articles of clothing next to your skin and then putting on a leather jacket on top. The leather jacket should preferably have vents in it to allow air to circulate inside it, thus, slowing down the evaporative process. You should feel cooler despite the summer heat.Dressing in layers even in the summer season also has its advantages when traveling to high-altitude areas like the Sierras or the Rockies. The temperature change can be as much as 30 degrees between the flat lands and the mountains, thus, necessitating the layers of clothes. Plus, the thin, dry air in the mountains can easily dehydrate the body, which the layers of clothing can substantially prevent from happening.Wait for Cooler TemperaturesObviously, the dry air and sunny heat is your most significant concern when traveling during the summer season. You can suffer from the symptoms of heat stroke including heat cramps, heavy sweating and lightheadedness, among others. We then suggest waiting for cooler temperatures before traveling on your motorcycle. You can travel either late in the day when the sun’s heat is more forgiving especially when you are going west or early in the morning when the sun’s heat is warm, not hot. Plus, traveling in the early mornings means lesser chances for thunderstorms, which can put a damper on your travel plans.Ensure Gas and Water SupplyLast but not least, you should ensure that your gas and water supplies are sufficient for the trip. You don’t want to push your out-of-gas motorcycle in the summer heat without a tree, gas station and home in sight while also being thirsty for water. At the very least, you can either be hydrated while waiting for rescue to come along or you can ride your motorcycle to the nearest establishment or home for a drink of water.Of course, you must also ensure that your motorcycle is in good, if not excellent, working condition. Be sure to check your tires, engine and other vital components before traveling into the sunset, so to speak.

5 Travel Tips To Ensure A Great Orlando Florida Vacation – Travel tips

Millions of people can’t be wrong! And every year, tens of millions of tourists flock to Orlando Florida to enjoy the world’s best theme parks. But Orlando’s more than just Disney and theme parks, the city is loaded with incredible restaurants, luxury resorts, and remarkable historic sites. When you plan your Orlando getaway, you won’t miss a thing if you follow a few of these simple guidelines.First, Come Prepared.Orlando is renowned for its warm sunshine most of the year, but get a weather forecast for the exact dates that you plan to visit. You may need a light jacket, some rain gear or a ton of sunscreen depending the time of the year that you visit. In addition to the standard vacation stuff (toiletries, bathing suits, cameras, and personal medications), be sure to include the less remembered, but just as needed, things (a travel guide, insurance cards, a first aid kit, and an up-to-date GPS if you plan on driving).Second, Think Strategically about Where to Stay.Orlando has hotels and motels to fit every budget, from economy to truly luxurious 5 star resorts. The most popular hotels are Disney’s two most famous hotels (the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa and the Animal Kingdom Lodge), but you can probably find a local hotel to match the brand on your hotel loyalty card. The Ritz-Carlton Orlando, The Westin Grand Bohemian, JW Marriott Orlando, Royal Pacific Resort, Villas of Grand Cypress, Grande Lakes, The Portofino Bay Hotel, and the Celebration Hotel have consistently ranked very well among visitors.Third, Go Have All the Fun that You Can.Kids of all ages will insist on seeing Disney World, and you should expect to spend 2 or 3 days at the expansive Disney parks, you can usually get a better deal by purchasing a 2 or 3 day all inclusive park pass or family pack. The next stop for most people is SeaWorld and perhaps Gatorland where the animals are the main attraction. Teenagers and adventurers will almost certainly want to experience the excitement of Universal Studios.To make the most of a romantic evening at the parks, check out Downtown Disney’s Pleasure Island or Busch Gardens. For science and technology types, the Kennedy Space Center is the crème de crème, followed closely by the Orlando Science Center. For action or scenic beautiful, zip off to Fun Spot Action Park, Silver Springs, the Orange Tree Golf Club, and Wonderworks. For the golfers, there are ton of world class courses located within the Orlando area.Fourth, Indulge Your Taste BudsIt’s not a vacation without great restaurants and eateries! So complete the experience with food to remember. Enjoy familiar American foods or experience classic Asian or European dishes. Whatever you like to munch on, gobble down, or savor is here for the asking. Delight yourself at restaurants like the Crave, Hilton Bonnet Creek Restaurants, Texas de Brazil, Jack’s Place Restaurant, Oceanaire Restaurant, and Bergamo’s.Food, fun and family memories… that’s what awaits you and your entire family in wonderful Orlando, Florida!