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Summer Motorcycle Travel Tips – Travel tips

When summer comes around, avid motorcyclists plan their trips across county, state and even country lines in anticipation of the warm weather, excellent road conditions and plenty of opportunities to meet up with other riders. However, riding in the summer also has its fair share of hazards that, fortunately, can be offset by good preparation.Dress AppropriatelyMany riders wear as little clothes as possible when traveling during the summer, which is the exact opposite of what they should be doing. This is because the more skin exposed to the natural elements particularly the dry air and blazing sun, the faster you can become sunburned, dehydrated and fatigued.Instead, we suggest dressing in appropriate clothing including jackets and pants as well as gloves, scarves and sunglasses/motorcycle goggles. The combination of jackets, pants and scarves will protect your skin from the drying effects of the hot air and sun while the sunglasses or motorcycle goggles will protect your eyes from the harmful effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays.Most, if not all, veteran motorcyclists recommend hosing down your clothes including your pants with cool tap water, wearing these articles of clothing next to your skin and then putting on a leather jacket on top. The leather jacket should preferably have vents in it to allow air to circulate inside it, thus, slowing down the evaporative process. You should feel cooler despite the summer heat.Dressing in layers even in the summer season also has its advantages when traveling to high-altitude areas like the Sierras or the Rockies. The temperature change can be as much as 30 degrees between the flat lands and the mountains, thus, necessitating the layers of clothes. Plus, the thin, dry air in the mountains can easily dehydrate the body, which the layers of clothing can substantially prevent from happening.Wait for Cooler TemperaturesObviously, the dry air and sunny heat is your most significant concern when traveling during the summer season. You can suffer from the symptoms of heat stroke including heat cramps, heavy sweating and lightheadedness, among others. We then suggest waiting for cooler temperatures before traveling on your motorcycle. You can travel either late in the day when the sun’s heat is more forgiving especially when you are going west or early in the morning when the sun’s heat is warm, not hot. Plus, traveling in the early mornings means lesser chances for thunderstorms, which can put a damper on your travel plans.Ensure Gas and Water SupplyLast but not least, you should ensure that your gas and water supplies are sufficient for the trip. You don’t want to push your out-of-gas motorcycle in the summer heat without a tree, gas station and home in sight while also being thirsty for water. At the very least, you can either be hydrated while waiting for rescue to come along or you can ride your motorcycle to the nearest establishment or home for a drink of water.Of course, you must also ensure that your motorcycle is in good, if not excellent, working condition. Be sure to check your tires, engine and other vital components before traveling into the sunset, so to speak.

5 Travel Tips To Ensure A Great Orlando Florida Vacation – Travel tips

Millions of people can’t be wrong! And every year, tens of millions of tourists flock to Orlando Florida to enjoy the world’s best theme parks. But Orlando’s more than just Disney and theme parks, the city is loaded with incredible restaurants, luxury resorts, and remarkable historic sites. When you plan your Orlando getaway, you won’t miss a thing if you follow a few of these simple guidelines.First, Come Prepared.Orlando is renowned for its warm sunshine most of the year, but get a weather forecast for the exact dates that you plan to visit. You may need a light jacket, some rain gear or a ton of sunscreen depending the time of the year that you visit. In addition to the standard vacation stuff (toiletries, bathing suits, cameras, and personal medications), be sure to include the less remembered, but just as needed, things (a travel guide, insurance cards, a first aid kit, and an up-to-date GPS if you plan on driving).Second, Think Strategically about Where to Stay.Orlando has hotels and motels to fit every budget, from economy to truly luxurious 5 star resorts. The most popular hotels are Disney’s two most famous hotels (the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa and the Animal Kingdom Lodge), but you can probably find a local hotel to match the brand on your hotel loyalty card. The Ritz-Carlton Orlando, The Westin Grand Bohemian, JW Marriott Orlando, Royal Pacific Resort, Villas of Grand Cypress, Grande Lakes, The Portofino Bay Hotel, and the Celebration Hotel have consistently ranked very well among visitors.Third, Go Have All the Fun that You Can.Kids of all ages will insist on seeing Disney World, and you should expect to spend 2 or 3 days at the expansive Disney parks, you can usually get a better deal by purchasing a 2 or 3 day all inclusive park pass or family pack. The next stop for most people is SeaWorld and perhaps Gatorland where the animals are the main attraction. Teenagers and adventurers will almost certainly want to experience the excitement of Universal Studios.To make the most of a romantic evening at the parks, check out Downtown Disney’s Pleasure Island or Busch Gardens. For science and technology types, the Kennedy Space Center is the crème de crème, followed closely by the Orlando Science Center. For action or scenic beautiful, zip off to Fun Spot Action Park, Silver Springs, the Orange Tree Golf Club, and Wonderworks. For the golfers, there are ton of world class courses located within the Orlando area.Fourth, Indulge Your Taste BudsIt’s not a vacation without great restaurants and eateries! So complete the experience with food to remember. Enjoy familiar American foods or experience classic Asian or European dishes. Whatever you like to munch on, gobble down, or savor is here for the asking. Delight yourself at restaurants like the Crave, Hilton Bonnet Creek Restaurants, Texas de Brazil, Jack’s Place Restaurant, Oceanaire Restaurant, and Bergamo’s.Food, fun and family memories… that’s what awaits you and your entire family in wonderful Orlando, Florida!

Money Saving Travel Tips For Your Road Trip Vacation – Travel tips

Take a Road TripNo matter how high gas gets, it’s still cheaper to drive. Driving your own car to your destination does take longer but will save you a lot of cash. Cutting out airline tickets, and rental cars can save thousands of dollars not to mention giving you the freedom to stay where you want and travel on your timetable not the airline’s.GasDon’t just fill up your car and plan on refilling when you get close to empty. Stopping more frequently can save money by finding the best prices and taking advantage of them. Use internet sites like GasBuddy.com to seek out the best bargains on your route. A steady foot on the gas will give the best gas mileage, so avoid heavy acceleration.Remember to not exceed posted speed limits, which vary from state to state, by more than 10%. Most police and highway patrol will give you that leeway to account for speedometer discrepancies. A speeding ticket can really put a damper on your expenses.FoodAside from gas and lodging this will be your biggest expense, especially if you have a car full of kids. Before leaving on your trip, pack as much food as you can depending on the length of your trip. Stopping for fast food is the most expensive and unhealthy meal possible. I don’t use freezer packs, I freeze a lot of small plastic bottles of water which I use to keep perishables fresh, as well, these frozen bottles in a cooler bag, defrost slowly so there is always some cold water on the drive.If properly frozen, a dozen or so small bottles of water in a good insulated cooler will stay frozen for 2 days. Bring along packets of your family’s favorite powdered drink, like Kool Aid or sugar free no calorie Crystal Lite. These are easily poured into the bottles of water and slake your kids desire for pop. Fresh veggies like carrots and celery replace the need for snack stops. Tofu based dips keep well in cooler bags.Bread, peanut butter, bagged snacks and even canned goods like tuna ( don’t forget the can opener ) are very easy to prep and keep well in a cooler. Deli meats on the other hand are high in salt and can go bad easily. For trips lasting more than 1 day I don’t recommend deli meats, the salt only serves to retain water causing more bathroom stops along the way.For every dollar in food you pack yourself, you save 3 dollars on junk you would buy on the road. You would be surprised how much money and time you can save by bringing along healthy food.Hotels / MotelsLodging can be the most expensive part of the trip if not researched properly. Thanks to the internet, you can plan where you want to stay and reserve ahead of time. Reserving your room ahead of time, even as far as a few months, can save you money. Most major hotel chains offer promotion codes, they don’t tell you that on their web sites, you have to search the web for these codes. Promo codes can save you a fair amount of money so take the time to search the coupon sites.I like to pick hotels with locations not more than a mile off my route, but not right on the highway. That way I can get a good night sleep without the drone of traffic disturbing me. If you have experience with a specific chain of hotels, don’t take for granted that they are all alike. You might have had a great stay in one location, but have a horrible stay in another.I have found, over time, that all hotels are pretty much the same. The rooms are never as clean as you would like. The beds, pillows and especially the blankets and bedspreads are filthy so I don’t let that factor into my choice. To alleviate the stress of sketchy bedding, allergens and bedbugs, I pack a few travel sheets, that way I know my family are sleeping on clean sheets with no contact with the hotel bedding.Don’t be swayed by the ” free breakfast ” claims, most of the food at these freebies is laden with fat and sugar, the eggs aren’t real and the coffee is usually bad. Choose the healthier items like bread, peanut butter and fruit.Travel GadgetsAnything that will save you money and time, and lessen stress levels is a good thing.Cell phones allow you to communicate with hotels and other members of your group and, if you have a data package, can give you the flexibility to change reservations, and hunt for the best gas and restaurant prices.Media players. Storing movies and music keeps the kids entertained and your music at hand.Sound generators and Travelsheets take the edge off of staying at motels or hotels with lower price points.Refrigerated or Insulated coolers. These are a must for food preservation cutting down on restaurants and junk food.GPS units. A no brainer for road trips, these handy gadgets give directions and traffic conditions as well as local info for lodgings and food.With proper planning, packing your own food, choosing an inexpensive hotel and using a few money saving items, your road trip can be easy, healthy, safe, and, save you a whole lot of cash, happy trails.

Buget Barcelona Travel Tips – Travel tips

Barcelona on a budgetBarcelona is truly one of the greatest cities in the world. Its culture, food, people, architecture and weather creates a beautiful setting that enriches the heart the moment you walk down La Ramblas – Gaudi’s city inspires the soul and galvanises the palette. However with the euro currency being so strong, it’s become much harder to find value for your money in an already expensive city. Whether you’re coming from the states with the dollar or the UK with the pound, here’s a few tips to help you save a little in order to live a lot.AccommodationEasily one of the biggest slices of your budget will be in selecting the right accommodation. If your heart is set on a hotel, look away from the city centre for some good deals, especially near Port Olympic, where there are a variety of deals for good hotels. The best way to save your money would be to stay in a youth hostel, generally they are in excellent condition and very central. Rooms can vary from double rooms to a 12 bed dorm, and the latter can cost as little as 10 euros per night. The people you meet in hostels can often make the trip a hit, especially if you’re a solo traveller.FoodObviously food is a huge part of the culture of Barcelona, but you’re going to have to limit yourself to what to eat whilst you’re there if you want to save. The best way of saving and experiencing local food is to first have breakfast in your hostel or hotel, which is normally included. For lunch, shop at a local shop or market for some bread, meat, cheese and olives that could all cost about 5 euros for 3 days of lunch. It’s up to you if you want to eat out during the evening, I think it’s always good to have one meal a day where you’re allowed to indulge yourself in local delights. Head to where the locals eat, stay away from tourist hot spots where the prices will be high and the food not as authentic.SightseeingThe sights in Barcelona are incredibly impressive, you do not want to miss out on any sightseeing. One of the best ways to do this is by taking a ”city sightseeing bus” that is hop on, hop off. Generally they are about 20 euros for a 2 day pass that allows you to see all the major sights and the whole city. Yes you will feel like a tourist and you’ll probably feel like a sell out, but if used to their full, the hop on hop off buses are definitely worth the money.Sagrada FamiliaWhatever you do in Barcelona, do not miss out on this masterpiece. It costs about 12 euros to enter and a healthy proportion of people opt to take a few photos of the building from the fence outside. It’s an expensive visit, but Gaudi’s final piece of architecture is truly breath taking. There is no other building like it in the world, so don’t be put off by the high entry cost.I hope some of these tips have helped, otherwise enjoy a beautiful city that remains in the hearts of travellers around the globe.

Air Travel Tips For Flying With Children – Travel tips

Are you taking a trip by plane with your children in the near future? If so, here are seven tips.1) Think of everything your children might wear including shoe wear in the weather conditions you will encounter on your vacation. Make a check list of all things you should bring. Things you might need to bring: Goggles, sunscreen (Sunscreen should be brought for the sunny AND snowy destinations. Last time I flew you could only have tiny travel size bottles. Put these bottles in plastic zip up baggies in case the contents explode due to air pressure. Also, all beverages and packages with liquidy foods, yogurt, melted cheese, had to be thrown away at the security point.) Other things to bring: hair brush, toothbrush carrying cases, tooth brushes, toothpaste, folding stroller, folding crib, your child’s special snuggly, special medicated skin creams, etc. You should call your local airport to find out rules for carrying liquids and creams. If you’re traveling to another country find out the rules for bringing in prescription drugs to their country. Medicine might need to be in its original container. Or you might have to show officials the prescription box. Find out. You don’t want your child’s medicine taken away.2) Pack early. Don’t be a last minute packer. When shopping at the grocery store you might suddenly remember something you forgot to pack and need. Buy now rather at the airport where it could be much more expensive.3) To keep your children occupied at the terminal and on the plane: Have a variety of activities for them. Each child should have their own backpack with their own activities. This is to prevent squabbling. Think ahead. Just how many hours will it will take to get to your destination? Lay-overs are hard on most children so try to avoid them. Ask each child what they would like to put in their backpack. If they like to draw, put paper, coloring books and crayons in their bag. Items you might want to pack: Exciting new book(s) and magazine(s), new book(s) on tape with tape recorder for terminal use if other passengers don’t mind (if old enough, headsets), Ipod, Mad Libs, dot-dot books, cross word puzzles, mini-games, mini-puzzles, hand held electronic games, little toys, and small stuffed animals.4) For late departures and lay-overs: For kids who have trouble sitting still, walk with them through the terminal. Bring books to read to them, or have audio cassettes with small tape recorder and earphones available. If you plan on bringing your lap top, bring a couple of movies your children have never seen. Once at a terminal I saw four children quietly seated in front of a laptop watching a movie. I’m not sure how well they could hear the movie. But I think with animation such as cartoons the action might make up for words so these type of shows might be worth a try.5) On the plane: Buy special treats before getting on the plane or buy treats a week before trip starts. You can let your child pick them out or surprise them. Explain to them the trip will take X amount of hours and that every half hour they will get a jelly bean/healthy treat. This will break up the trip in half hour installments. The time might seem to go faster because they will have something to look forward to.6) With young children you should get aisle seats for easy access. You don’t want to bother other passengers by frequently having to climb over them to walk the aisle with your child. By walking the aisle, if you’re allowed, your child will get energy out. Remember to rotate activities while on the plane so your child doesn’t get bored. With babies and toddlers some parents like to take night flights hoping their child will sleep. You can try this. If you do, you can put them in their PJ’s before you board the plane. Then when you get to your hotel you won’t have to wake them up to put them in their PJ’s.7) If your child’s ears hurt when the plane is ascending and descending get them to swallow several times. Older kids can chew gum. I’ve heard sipping on water or sucking on a bottle helps. Talk to your doctor about ways to help. You really shouldn’t fly if your child has a cold because of ear problems which could occur. If you do, see your doctor before hand. He/she can prescribe medicine if they think it’s necessary. Lastly, for hydration purposes if your child is awake during the flight they should drink water.

Dublin Travel Tips – Travel tips

Dublin is the capital of Ireland located at the center of the country’s east coast. Dublin enjoys the warmth of the tourists all over the world due to its rich history in literature, art and theaters. It is also one of the world’s renowned shopping hubs. Come to Dublin for your next holiday and enjoy the beautiful country of Ireland. A really convenient way to travel around all of the best places in this city with car.Enjoy every aspect of the city from its historical places to its nightlife. The scenery along the highways are a visual treat, which offer great experiences for travelers of all ages. The beautiful open prairies outside of the city are perfect for discovering the natural environment of Ireland. Drive all around Dublin and the countryside to get the full flavor of this beautiful city and country. In short they open up the city more widely and clearly from the shopping haven of Grafton Street and the Guinness Storehouse to coastal suburbs. Public Transportation is pretty good in the city, but a Dublin car hire is your ticket to enjoying the incredible sea coast.The best places to visit in Dublin include the famous Dublin Castle, the Custom House, and the National Museum of Ireland. Come to these places and enjoy the rich history of this city and country. Dublin is a historically wealthy place and it is obviously apparent in the appearance of the buildings. Almost everywhere you look, there is a magnificent structure that reflects the prosperity and attitude of the citizens. Even the restaurants are beautifully decorated and the food is very excellent. You can order some traditional Irish cuisine or go to one of the many international places.Of course you must visit some of the famous Irish pubs on your visit to Dublin. This part of the world is best known for its whiskey and the ever popular Guinness Beer. If you have not acquired the taste for either of these flavors, you can go for the Bailey’s Irish Cream. There is something special about drinking one of these tasty choices in the home country. Go to any of the unique Irish pubs and you will certainly find the drinks of this great country. Your next holiday will be really fun if you make your way to Dublin, Ireland. Car Hire Dublin

Travel Tips to Make the Journey and the Unpacking Easier – Travel tips

Top tips on what to do before you go on holiday to avoid problems such as unnecessary baggage fees or a heavy bag. Making use of laundry bags, luggage scales and similar will ensure you don’t have a headache at the other end, or when you are traveling!The first and most important tip when going on holiday has got be to make use of Vacuum Seal Bags – they are brilliant for traveling because they reduce bulk in your suitcase dramatically! Even if you don’t need them for the outbound journey, take them with you if you are likely to bring back a lot of extra items. A Vacuum Seal Bag will become your lifesaver on the return journey, because you’ll be able to bring back so much more than your took!What else would be useful before you leave for your holidays?If you’re traveling by plane you should think about using some Luggage Scales… fast becoming an essential item in order to avoid a surprise when you get to the airport! Make sure you get some with two hands on the scale – one for weighing and returning to the top after removing the luggage, and the other hand to stay in position to indicate the weight of the item after you have removed it from the scales. Using these means you will prevent those nasty & expensive shocks at the check-in when you find you have packed too much into your suitcase!So the next thing to think about is your luggage.Making use of Net Washing Bags to organize your clothes in the bag sounds simple, but it really will ensure a well-organized suitcase. There are so many available! You should use a Trainer Wash Bag for your shoes – to protect them and your clothes around them from getting damaged. Lingerie Wash Bags ones are ideal for any delicate items whereas Standard Net Wash Bags will suit all else. Not only are they brilliant for organizing your bag, but they are ideal for storing your dirty laundry on you return too.Ok, so packing it is bad enough, but once packed make sure you use a strong and robust Luggage Strap ideally with a Combination Lock. The last thing you need is your strap snapping!For the journey you’ll want to make it as pleasant as possible. There are ways to travel without feeling like you are traveling! We all know how uncomfortable it can be whatever your mode of transport or how long your journey, so you should consider taking these essential at the very least – an Eye Mask, Travel Socks and Fan.Not just for comfort, Travel Socks are recommended for all journeys of 2 hours or longer to help prevent DVT, swollen ankles & aching legs. When considering a Fan to take make sure it’s compact and ideally dual purpose with a torch. Many people don’t think about taking a torch but there are so many times you will wish you had one – especially when traveling somewhere you haven’t been before.So with your luggage packed and weighed you can be confident that you have stayed within the required baggage limits. With luggage straps and locks your bags will be protected. You will also have ensured a more comfortable journey with eye mask, travel socks and fan! Bon voyage!

Pregnancy – Travel Tips For Mothers-To-Be – Travel tips

For the duration of a woman’s pregnancy, you can probably assume that at least once she will be traveling somewhere. Just because you’re expecting doesn’t mean you have to stay in the house or your neighborhood. You only need to be good at planning when it comes to travel. Traveling is usually considered tolerable up about until the eight month of your term. Nevertheless, you doctor can give advice to you about travel safety. Make sure you know what is going to happen and how long your trip is going to be before making the commitment.Air TravelMake certain you get a seat near the bathrooms. Ask to upgrade to first class if you need to in order to have extra seating space. Sitting in a restricted space with no way to go to the restroom every 3 minutes can be agony, especially on a long flight.If you are worried about morning sickness on a flight that’s early, bring along a nutritious snack or ask if a meal will be served. You may find that even if they are giving you food, your tummy will reject it and you must bring a food of your own choice.Inquire whether there is a microwave on the plane, some do. Flight attendants will be able to warm up a dish in the microwave for you. Also, try to have a flight with a connecting point or layover. Normally avoided, while pregnant you have to remember how uncomfortable you are and your need to move. A stop-over will let you leave the plane, grab a snack, go to the restroom, and stretch your legs. When traveling overseas on a non-stop flight, definitely fly first class so you have more room to stretch.By AutomobileIf traveling by car, don’t be the sole driver; it’s a good idea to trade off driving with a partner so you’re less likely to get sick. Stop frequently. If you are prone to car sickness, take a Dramamine, it is generally safe for all stages of pregnancy. If it’s a long car trip, make sure you plan time in a hotel or inn to get enough rest and lots of exercise.Some women feel better as long as they’re driving but get sick as a passenger. So drive while you feel energized, and ride when it is naptime and you can sleep through the nausea. You should avoid bringing books or crossword puzzles to occupy you in the car; as a passenger, you will get sick.Pack snacks and drinks with you so you don’t need to spend as much. Restaurants are good, but you may find menus limited and can’t order anything that works for you. Pack enough to get you to your first major stop or to get you to your destination.

International Airport Travel Tips – Travel tips

In recent times, there are lots of rules and regulations concerning the luggage and things you carry onboard an airplane. If you are aware of these rules and regulations, you can save time in those security check points and enjoy a smooth travel experience.When you are planning a vacation, close attention must be paid on the things you need to carry on the plane. There are a few items that are prohibited from carrying on the plane and such items when found by the security personnel will be discarded. The items which are not allowed to be carried onboard airplane must be placed in a ziplock cover and packed in the check-in bag.If you carry lighters, matches, pocketknives, knitting needles etc, it will be deemed as a weapon. However, the cigar cutters, nail cutters, safety razors etc are allowed to be carried on board by some airlines whereas others might not allow you to carry any of these items. It is always wise to talk to the airline and educate yourself about the things that are legal/illegal to carry. These could again vary from an airline to airline.Many travelers may carry medicines that are probably not allowed onboard. In such scenarios, the passengers must declare these items to an airport security officer, so that they can be screened at the checkpoint. Ensure that you carry the medicines that are properly labeled along with the doctor’s prescription. If not, it will slow down the screening process.Every airline has a specific limit of things that you can carry/bring for example, cash, gold, electronic items, gadgets etc. In case you exceed your limit you might have to pay excess fee. However, irrespective of whether you are carrying / bringing any of the above mentioned items, it has to be declared with the airline security officer at the airport. Otherwise you will be liable for a penalty.

Travel Tips – Visit Historical Peru – Travel tips

There are many reasons to visit Peru. It may be for that long-awaited dream vacation, or a visit to family and friends. I am planning a trip to Lima, the exciting capital city, in the near future. I currently reside in New York City, and enjoy city living. The thought of visiting Lima, another exciting city, and the planning of my travel itinerary, is an exciting time for me.Peru is south of the Equator and summer begins December. At that time, airfare increases 50% to 75%. Flights priced under $450 in June, can go up to the $2000, in December. Seasonal travel deals and getaway prices fluctuate almost constantly, so the timing of your trip is everything.When booking your travel, keep in mind that June, September, and October will offer you travel deals and getaways offering more reasonable airfares. The average temperature for that time of year, will be between the 50 and 70 degrees.An excellent suggestion, when planning a trip such as this, is to locate and review travel guides and literature. This will assist you in deciding what interests you most about Peru, and where you’d want to concentrate your travel time, and activities. There is so much you’ll find, whether it be an adventure tour or one of the many tourist attractions Peru offers. … The legendary Incan civilization is well-known, however, Incan civilization offers so much more than the spectacular Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley and city of Cusco.(elevation 11,200 ft. above sea level and once the capital of the ancient Incan civilization.The recently discovered, but rarely visited Inca site of Choquequirao is now accessible to visitors. To the north, there are complex cities of Moche, Sican and Chimu, which were erected by pre-Incan societies. Their treasures and pyramids continue to amaze researchers.The oldest city in the Western Hemisphere, Caral, is located just three hours from Lima. In the south, the Nazca lines present one of the world’s great archaeological mysteries, and in the highlands around Lake Titicaca, populations of Quechua, Aymara and Uros honor centuries-old traditions.Before you begin your on-line search for travel deals, getaways and vacation packages, there are some guidelines I suggest you follow to secure the best travel deals.1. Be flexible. The lowest fares are usually for midweek travel, generally Mondays throughThursdays. Also, non stop flights to Lima, Peru are the most expensive. Look into connecting flights or stop-over flights, as a money-saver.2. Book your travel on line, with advance purchases of at least one to three weeks.3. Don’t count on last-minute travel deals. Eleventh-hour travel deals are becoming increasingly scarce, so don’t rely on finding the best fares at the last minute.4. Book your travel online during off-peak season to find exceptional travel deals and getaways.5. Be smart about sales. Keep an eye on airfare sales, but remember that the “sale” price may not be the cheapest fares around.6. Traveling on holidays, such as Christmas Day, July fourth or Thanksgiving Day, can save you quite a bit of money.7. Compare prices from several carriers, to determine which will offer the best price for special travel deals or getaways for you.